No album, no tour and yet Adele raked in this much money

ADELE made nearly $44,000 a day last year despite not releasing a record.



The talented singer’s proven that even when she’s at home looking after her six-year-old son Angelo, she’s making plenty of dough, according to The Sun.


According to her latest companies’ accounts, she made over $15.8 million profit after taxes, which works out a staggering $43,649 a day.


Despite the singer not releasing an album for three years and finishing her world tour last year, it hasn’t stopped her from raking in the cash.


Her two companies which look after album sales and royalties, Melted Stone Ltd and Melted Stone Publishing Ltd, were performing very healthily, with the former making a net profit of around $890,000 and the latter over $15 million.



Adele’s concert in Sydney last March.


Adele’s concert in Sydney last March.



The 30-year-old singer songwriter can now class herself as one of the richest in showbiz, as she’s also got nearly $75.4 million “cash in the bank”, according to balance sheets lodged at UK’s Companies House.


In the last two years, Adele has made nearly $33 million from her businesses without having to even record an album. Her last album, 25, went to number one around the world.


In February, it was also revealed that she made $261 million from her last tour, Adele Live, through ticket sales and souvenirs. Her company Remedy Touring LLP pocketed $128 million profit and Adele personally made $77 million.


Forbes estimated her fortune at $119 million in 2016 and said she was the second highest paid woman — behind Taylor Swift — on its music list.



In her bumper year of 2015, when she released an album and then did a 107-date world tour, she paid as much in taxes — $7 million — as Facebook.



Adele performs at ANZ Stadium.


Adele performs at ANZ Stadium.Source:Getty Images



But Adele hasn’t always been happy to pay her taxes, once complaining to Q Magazine: “I’m mortified to have to pay 50 per cent.


“I use the NHS, I can’t use public transport any more.


“Trains are always late, most state schools are sh*t, and I’ve gotta give you, like, four million quid — are you having a laugh?”


Adele is currently in the UK working on her next album.


A number of musicians have been approached to work on the album which will reportedly be released next year at Christmas time.





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